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Lick the bloody blade

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2 August
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Enough is enough
Nothing will be the same
The knife cuts cross
Same as the blade
Death is now upon me
My life is fading fast
Laying there alone
Sinking in the grass.


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addiction, anti church, antisocial, autumn in new york, bisexual, bisexuality, black, black nail polish, black roses, blades, bleeding, blood, blood kiss, bloodlust, body modification, books, boots, boys don't cry, branding, brandon lee, capes, cats, cemetary, clowns, colars, computers, cradle of filth, cross dressers, cute little doggies, cuts, cutting, daggers, dark prince, darkness, death, deathmetal, deicide, demons, depression, dr. pepper, dracula, dragons, drunk, duct tape, elves, evil clowns, evilclowns, exquisite corpse, eyes, fairys, fire, fishnet, flame, gashes, ghosts, girlfriends, goth, gothboys, gothic, graves, greed, guitars, guys, guys with long hair, handcuffs, hate, horror, horror movies, i, insence, jack black, japanese men, johnny depp, johnny the homicidal maniac, jpop, jrock, jthm, kissing, knive, knives, lesbians, ljmaps_shattered_glass, lollipops, longhair, lonleyness, love, lust, majick, me, men, metal, mindless self indulgence, money, movies, music, my parents, myself, mütiilation, necrophelia, nipples, nny, other peoples parents, pain, people, pierce, piercing, piercings, placebo, poe, porn, psychic, raven, ravens, razorblades, razors, roleplaying, rope, roses, s&m, sad, scarring, scars, selfmutilation, seraded edges, sex, sexuality, singing, skinnypuppy, skirts, skulls, snakes, snatch, stonned, stuff, suicide, surgical steel, suspention, sweet november, swords, tattoos, the crow, the cure, trainspotting, vampire teeth, vampires, vampism, vampy, virgin suicides, women, you

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