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it sucks, my best friend of almost 10 years is moving away to North Carolina. I feel like I am losing my world. :( no more epic adventures now more booty calls. lol oh well he is doing it for a good reason and I know he won't be gone forever. his son will still be here.

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I love that on fb people bitch that I don't tell the full story but do they really want to see this? do they really want to see what I have done to myself in the past? I don't think so.

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Happy New Year

Its officially 2011 and so far things are looking up already lol. I know its only been 3 hours and 7 minutes since the new year began but i feel its going to be great.

Just wanted to say HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

<3 Me <3

This is my theme park

So much drama, so little time lol

My ex fiance has a new girlfriend! Way to go Mikey! :P

My friend Anthony needs to get his life organized. He has way to much going on and it has not only been stressing him out but because I got drug into the situation I am all stressed out about it. *rolls eyes*

Still wishing my Carey would figure out what he is doing :P Apparently he still wants to totally be with me, which is cool and all but still need to get him to Colorado.

There is a possiability that my brother and his wife might be moving to Seattle, still waiting on official word on that.

I am still having financial problems but whatever I give up at this point. I just kinda go with the flow.

So thats whats going on in my life.

I think....



So after years of not really writing in this thing I have decided to more frequently.

Will be updating everyone with what has been going on in the next post.. although I don't know how many of you actually use this anymore lol Let me know if you are still alive out there! Hello WORLD!


So yeah its been forever since I posted here... if any of you wish to reach me here are a few options..

myspace: myspace.com/kylindra
Livejournal: Tamara Warren (Denver, CO)

Or you can email me: kylindravycross@gmail.com




The world shall fear me!

I've had uber fun tonight. I got to tell off my fiancee's ex girlfriend. Yay!

oh... yeah.. I'M FUCKING ENGAGED NOW! lol yeah got engaged 15 minutes before the new year turned.

"I'm a raver can't you see, do you wanna rave all night with me, I wanna dance until the sun goes down, dance until the world goes round and round"


*Hugs and kisses*



So everything is looking up. I'm currently working for comcast and things are great. We have our graduation from training tomorrow. I'm happy. I really don't have much time at the moment but I wanted to update a little bit. We went to the Nonpoint concert not long ago and let me tell you it was SOOOOOOOOOO great. I can't help it if I was like super excited. Anyway. I really should take off I am at work currently so I really don't have much time. Have fun everyone.



Depression finally kicked in today when I can't get an ID and I can't get a new birthcertificate.. fucking shit sucks. I have no job..because the assholes at Wal-Mart, I can't fucking stand this shit.. Nothing is working right for me right now. I just want to curl up and cry.. I don't though.. I act as though nothing is bothering me. I act like shits going to be ok.. I mean shit yeah it will be for the first two months but what happens after that.. hopefully I'll have everything taken care of after that. I don't know what I should do. I mean hell.. I am going to try the DMV tomorrow and see if I can maybe use my old birth certificate and my social security card.. they've gotta work with me. Its fucked up if they don't. ::sighs:: Its not like I have a passport, military ID, or anything like that. lol Mike and I thought about going to get married real quick so I have a marriage certificate. lol oh yeah everyone would love that.. but its all in joke.. ::sighs:: I fucking give up right now.


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